Grassroots Trust engages with land owners and policy-makers to stimulate holistic thinking. We promote four globally proven technologies that regenerate eco-systems whilst improving profitability.

Holistic Management

is a framework developed by the Savory Institute to ensure that decision- makers consider social, environmental and economic factors both short and long term thus avoiding un-intended consequences.

Holistic Planned Grazing

helps livestock owners revive natural/ traditional grazing patterns to improve pasture and eco-systems and reduce recycling of ticks, worms and parasites.

Low input (regenerative) cropping

enhances natural water cycles and nutrient flows to increase profitability and sustainability. Grassroots works with farmers and researchers around the world to develop integrated agriculture on the research/demo farm in Kafue. Our mission is to share low input successes and lessons learned with farmers around Zambia.

Tree pruning

is a widely-known technology to regenerate trees from stumps and bushes by removal of excess shoots and suckers. Most of the felled trees in Zambia are still alive and can be restored quickly and cheaply.