Scratch - Dibble - Slash - Weed - Harvest (SOYA)

Scratch – Dibble – Slash – Weed – Harvest (SOYA)

Here is an idea of where we are in terms of our system for soyabean production. Take a look and see what you think!

Here is the soya bean field the day of planting! About 6 weeks weed growth after an early rain in October.
Scratch the lines free of weeds with hoes on a 90cm row spacing, following the shallow ridges made during weeding in the previous year.
Use the dibble stick to make holes 15cm or so apart. Plant 5-6 soya bean seeds in each hole and cover with well decomposed cattle manure. (Approx. 2000kg/Ha)
As the seeds are germinating, slash weeds back with a grass slasher as close to the ground as possible.
I couldn’t get this photo the right way up! The soya bean germination was perfect.
The slashed grass makes a mulch over the germinating soya and releases nutrients and carbon into the soil.
A few days later and the soya rows are clearly seen.
Another slashing 2-3 weeks later allows the soya to grow on further without the need for cultivation.
3-4 weeks later, one cultivation is done.
Soya beans form a complete canopy on 90cm row spacing.
This trial has five soya bean varieties for comparison under low-input farming systems. The results of this trial will be posted after harvest.