Founded February 2012, Grassroots Trust (Company Reg : 99657) was established as a non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee to help shape a viable future within the context of a fast growing population and consumption, peak cheap oil and a rapidly declining resource base. The founders realised that declining natural productivity and rural poverty can be reversed by addressing the root causes of environmental malfunction (ie: bio-diversity loss, desertification and climate change).

 Executive Directors

Profile photo of Rolf Shenton.Rolf Shenton

Born in Lusaka 1963, Married to Linda with 4 children.

Been a farmer, wildlife guide, mechanic, businessman and served in many elected public service posts including Farmers Union, Tourism Council, Natural Resource Consultative Forum, and the National Assembly. 

Now runs Grassroots Trust full-time dedicated to help shape a viable, renewable future for future generations. 



Sebastian ScottProfile photo of Sebastian Scott.

Conservation farmer,

Born in Kalulushi 1978, Married to Holly with 3 children

Passionate innovator dedicated to developing appropriate low-input production technologies for fellow farmers particularly in the small-scale sector. Co-director of Grassroots Trust.


Japher CoraProfile photo of Japher Cora.

Lawyer, Entrepreneur

Born in Katete 1983,  Japher grew up with all the challenges Grassroots was set up to address and understands rural issues like no other.  He completed a LLB at UNZA in 2010 and has since been running businesses including his Chongwe farm. He intends to study environment soon with the intention of becoming an expert in the legal issues around resource management.


Other Board Members:
Emily Sikazwe
M.Muyembe  Vet
Mulilo Chuula
Namaala Nkumbula